January 28, 2008

Science Tattoos

Yeah, you heard me. Science writer Carl Zimmer started a flickr set that has me alternating between delighted at proof that I am not alone and writhing with jealousy that he started it first.

Seems at least 131 other people also decided to have their geekiness branded into them for all the world to see. My personal favs are the philosopher's stone symbols on someone's shoulder and the neuron on a foot.

Of course, this might lead readers who don't know me to wonder what sciencey tat I am sporting. I would attach a picture, but my digi-cam is still busted after being dropped on the tarmac at the Nanjing airport.

In prose form, it's a Pythagorean pentacle, shaded to look like a stone carving. It's a shape that I have carried in my head and doodled on papers since first seeing Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land when I was ten. As a science writer and a choir singer, I finally went with it as a reminder of how math and music are fundamentally intertwined.

Send healing thoughts to my camera, and maybe I can add myself to Zimmer's list!

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Elisa said...

Chica! I will take your pic so it can be posted! That Flickr set is so much fun!